ABBIE HILL NEWFOUNDLANDS  began years ago, existing only in the mind  and dreams of a little girl. That little girl  was me!  My neighbor had a painting of young child and her huge dog, lovingly protecting her as she stood in the corner. I used to gaze at that picture and pretend  the dog  was mine. I didn't know what kind of dog it was, but I wanted one. I would say "when I get big, I'm gonna have a big dog like that".  In 2006, my dream came true and Abbie Hill began!  A special thank  you to my husband of 37 years and our two children, Alisha and George, for helping make that dream a reality and to my many Newfie and canine friends! Their mentoring, support, and well wishes to both my gentle giants and I has been phenomenal!

Abbie Hill is located on 4 acres in beautiful Mt. Vernon, Maine. Our Newfoundlands are a proud part of our family that live with us in our home.  First and foremost they are our family pets!!!! Their hobby, as well as ours, is showing!  
All of our Newfs are registered with the AKC (American Kennel Club). The  Newfies, when age appropriate, list with OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) and CERF (Canine Eye Registration Foundation). The Adults as well as our puppies  see a Board Certified Cardiologist for heart clearances.
Cardiac, Hips, Elbows, Eyes, Cystinuria, and Thyroid checks will be done before considering a breeding possibility with any of our Newfies. 
Water work, Rescue, Drafting, Show Confirmation, and even Agility ...lots to think about should you and your family choose  that the Newfoundland is the right breed for you!

                                Introducing myself and our girls to you!

             ABBIE  -   Birchbark Beacon Of The Sea Abbie B                  Our First Newf Who Made My Dreams Begin!

              GRACE   -   CH Denali Twas Grace That Set Me Free                Our First Show Girl and First Champion

              MAGGIE   - CH Abbie Hill's The Unsinkable Mollie Brown       Our First Puppy We Bred And Second Champion

              LIVVY   -   CH Abbie Hill's Stowaway Queen Livvy On Deck    Our Second Puppy We Bred And New Champion! 

            ANNIE  -  CH Mooncusser Tugboat Annie At Abbie Hill                  

                                                  Michelle Hayden Bragdon

Member Of Newfoundland Club Of America 
       Newfoundland Club Of New England

Michelle Bragdon
 Owner of Purebred AKC Registered Newfoundlands
207 446-9366 C
 We have dedicated our time and love to these gentle giants.  We belong to the NCA and NCNE. We're  a small show home and occasionally will have a planned breeding.
As stated above, Our Newfoundlands are AKC registered, Board Certified Cardiac cleared, have had OFA hips and elbows done at 2 years of age, and are thyroid cleared. Results can be provide to our perspective puppy buyers. Puppies will be sold on a limited registration to forever pet homes. They will be Vet cleared and will also have seen a Board Certified Cardiologist before they go to their forever homes at around 10 weeks of age.
 We have a puppy application and a contract which can be sent out upon request.  We strongly suggest you research this breed as they are a working dog, bred to do water rescue/work, carting, rescue, and to be a loving devoted companion to children and man.


        At any time you can double click on Our Newfs Name listed below  and it will bring you to page which is all about them!